Hillary Must Challenge the Election Results

Hillary Must Challenge the Election Results

HI was a Bernie supporter in the primaries, but I believe that fair elections have consequences. When Bernie lost, I jumped on the Hillary bandwagon fully because her capacity to lead and vision for the country are dramatically superior to that of The conman, Donald Trump.

I have always respected Hillary and believed she works as hard as anyone trying to find ways to make lives better for people in this country. However, I thought she was a bad candidate; she is amazing on paper, but abysmal in presentation.

All this said, Hillary is winning the popular vote by over 2 million people. While I know that her people knew the rules going in, that the electoral college must be won to assume office, I believe when you combine the 2 million popular vote lead and recent evidence of computer manipulation of VOTE tabulation in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin there is only one conclusion going forward; the Clinton campaign owes it to the American people to contest the results until the truth is found about these VOTE totals.

This is no longer about Hillary or Trump. This is a question about the fundamental purpose and validity of our democracy. If we have a huge popular vote lead, and clear evidence of manipulation, the Hillary Clinton would be complicit in the destruction of our system of government if she fails to make the appropriate challenges to vote totals in the aforementioned states.

This is not about being a sore loser, rather this is a question about whether there is actually a democracy in this country at all.

Hillary Clinton has no choice but to challenge the election results.



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Former Senate Staff Director, veteran of Capitol Hill, and Appointee of President Barack Obama. Currently writing a memoir about experiences in politics and legal controversy. Lead singer of Indie Rock Band, stereosleep. Dedicated father and future husband.