The NRA Protects Gun Profits, Not Americans

The NRA Protects Gun Profits, Not Americans

The NRA is not an organization focused on protecting the 2nd Amendment rights of hunters, sportsmen, or Americans who want to use a gun for self-defense. In fact, the NRA is only interested in protecting one thing: the profits of the gun manufacturers it represents.

The NRA has brilliantly disguised itself as an organization created to defend the rights of gun ownership in this country. It has successfully given itself the image of a cultural defense organization. It paints anyone who supports even the most basic or common sense gun regulation as a tyrant seeking to ban all guns.

What the NRA is in actuality is a lobby designed for one purpose only: to advance the profitability of gun manufactures and to ensure they make as much money as possible with as little regulation as possible. That’s it. The NRA is no champion for the small man. It cares about the 2nd Amendment as far and as long as it enables its members corporations to make money. The NRA is no different than PhRMA (Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America) or the WSPA (Western States Petroleum Association…the oil lobby), or the Financial Services Roundtable (one of the major banking industries lobby). These organizations are designed to decrease regulation, avoid litigation, and increase profits for the corporations in its industry. Such groups spend tens of millions of dollars each year in donations to candidates who do their bidding.

The NRA is no different. The NRA cares only for the profits of the gun corporations that pay the salaries of Wayne LaPierre and his cronies.

The NRA does not care how guns are used. It doesn’t care how many people die. It doesn’t care that laws have gaping loopholes that put innocent citizens at risk. The NRA doesn’t care about the thousands of children that die by the hands of guns each year. It doesn’t care that terrorists can buy guns easier than teens can buy cigarettes. It doesn’t care that guns are sold on secondary markets and at gun shows and wind up in the hands of ┬áthose who would do harm to society.

The NRA blocks any and all common sense approaches to making smarter gun laws. It doesn’t care that the gun show loophole allows dangerous individuals to buy guns without a background check. It fights for the rights of anyone, anywhere, to buy a gun at any time, no matter what danger it poses to American citizens.

If you hold an illusion that the NRA is anything more than a money-making organization; you are choosing to be willfully ignorant. The organization is an irresponsible group that would do anything to make money for it’s member corporations, and not lift a finger to ensure that it’s products are used safely.

To break their hold, we must vote out each member who refuses to vote to protect American citizens from the dangers of unregulated firearms. No one is more important than law abiding gun owners to this fight. You will never have to worry about anyone taking your guns. Law abiding citizens will never have to worry about the terror watch list. There is no more room for excuses. Gun owners and non-owners need to stand together to put the NRA in check and remake Congress in a way that protects American citizens, rather than the profits of gun manufacturers.

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Former Senate Staff Director, veteran of Capitol Hill, and Appointee of President Barack Obama. Currently writing a memoir about experiences in politics and legal controversy. Lead singer of Indie Rock Band, stereosleep. Dedicated father and future husband.