Why Don’t Trump Voters Care About his Lies?

Why Don’t Trump Voters Care About his Lies?

I’m curious… why doesn’t the fact check rating from a non-partisan organization like Politifact not matter to Trump supporters? Politifact, a non-partisan, independent fact check site has concluded that 59 percent of every statement Donald Trump has made during the campaign was either “False” or “Pants on Fire”.  That doesn’t even include the 19 percent of his statements that are “Mostly False”. If you add the “Mostly False”, 78 percent of every statement this candidate has made have been declared false by a non-partisan and completely independent group.

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On the other hand, the same organization, which is non-partisan and independent, rated Hillary Clinton’s statements as only only 12 percent  “False” or  “Pants on Faire”,(11 percent “False” and 1 percent “Pants on Fire”) and 15 percent “Mostly False”.

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It is frankly disturbing that Trump supporters have so little standards that they allow their candidate to just say whatever he wants without demanding that he be truthful.  There is something very dark and disturbing happening with a huge section of the Republican base and it is dangerous.

To find out more about why the statements of both Trump and Clinton are considered true and false, complete with detail and citations visit Politifact Here.


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